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🍁 Guide to Fall Flowers & More! 🍁

So many reasons to love the fall season…. Crisp and fresh cool air, magnificent and rich colors, warm fires, pumpkin everything, snuggly blankets, and incredibly awesome fall flowers such as mums, dahlias, celosia, goldenrods, and more. Autumnal flowers have deep, rich colors, a variety of textures, and are a sign that tells us change is coming. And, it is a welcome change – one from the humid and hot days of summer to the perfect weather of fall with warm days and chilly nights. Here at Port Charlotte Florist, we love everything about the fall season and welcome it with open arms. From fall flowers to fall decorating, carving pumpkins to cooking turkeys, we’ve got it covered with our fall-related blogs below. Dive into this amazing season and get your fall on!

(Pumpkin) Spice up Your Autumn

It all started with a simple beverage. Starbucks opened the floodgates in 2003 when they introduced their infamous pumpkin spice latte, now autumn will never be the same again.

Decorate Your Front Porch for Fall

Autumn is a wonderful time to add the brilliant golds, oranges, yellows, and reds of the season to your outdoor décor. As the entrance to the home, your front porch beckons guests to come inside.

Use the Fabulous Chrysanthemums for Fall Decor

When fall approaches and brings a plethora of change along with it, be prepared by surrounding yourself with chrysanthemums! These hardy flowers are more than just pretty pops of color.

Get Excited About The Upcoming Fall Season!

Fall is a marvelous time to enjoy leaves changing colors, warm cozy blankets, and delicious hot cocoa. The floral designers at Port Charlotte Florist are also excited about all the glorious blooms fall has to offer.

A Centerpiece For Fall

The professionals at Port Charlotte Florist have put together several great ideas, as well as a lovely collection of autumn centerpieces, to help you design a stunning fall table this year.

Create a Textured Look in Your Home this Fall

Celebrate fall in all its splendor this season with gorgeous decor and on-trend texture. The design experts at Port Charlotte Florist are eager to share our favorite tips for decorating with you this season.

Elements of Fall Floral Design

The elements and colors used in fall floral design are distinctive and easily recognizable. Even here in South Florida, where temperatures haven’t cooled and colors don’t change, our home decor and floral designs celebrate the warmth of the season.

Fall Flowers are in Bloom

Ok, we know that in South Florida, we don’t see the change of seasons like they do in other parts of the country. In fact, with temperatures still rivaling the summer and our hardy vegetation that lasts year round, it doesn’t look much like fall outside.

5 Florals We’re Thankful For

Our expert florists at Port Charlotte Florist, serving Port Charlotte and nearby areas, believe in the true power of flowers all year long! They’re not only beautiful and fragrant but also have a variety of health benefits that people can enjoy just from spending time around flowers.

Bring the Perfect Hostess Gift to Any Type of Thanksgiving Celebration

Thanksgiving is upon us soon, and we hope you’re looking forward to spending time with loved ones, eating delicious favorites, and reflecting on what you’re most thankful for.

Celebrate Halloween and all Things Spooky with Festive Flowers and Gifts

It’s October, the spookiest time of year, and Halloween’s just around the corner! Lots of people around Port Charlotte are busy making holiday preparations, decorating the front yard for trick-or-treaters, stocking up on sweet treats, and picking out costumes.

Thanking The People Who Matter Most

Now that it’s Thanksgiving, we are turning our attention to the things and people we are grateful for. This year at Port Charlotte Florist, we are especially grateful for our dedicated team of professional staff who work hard every day to bring you the most beautiful blooms around.

A Fun Way to Celebrate Thanksgiving

Decorate your table with items that may have been seen in Plymouth, create meals from the dishes that were served at that first meal, invite children to dress up as pilgrims or Native Americans to delight in the historically accurate version of Thanksgiving.

Spooky Beautiful Flowers

Sometimes flowers are just flowers and sometimes flowers are actually a fantastic Halloween horror display! Choose colors, textures and varieties that will accent your festive style and showcase your Halloween spirit this season.

A Bouquet of Jewel-Toned Flowers

No matter what your home’s decorating palette is, you can’t go wrong by including beautiful seasonal jewel tones in your autumn decor. Try adding a bright bouquet of jewel-toned flowers to your coffee table and watch the entire room transform.

Putting the Essence of Autumn on Your Table

Autumn is upon us and with it comes the opportunity to design a dinner party worthy of the season. Including fall colors in your decor and centerpieces will bring the essence of autumn into focus.

Centerpieces for Every Thanksgiving

We’re all different in how we approach Thanksgiving; for some of us, it’s a formal affair, filled with heirloom linens and china, soft candlelight and everyone dressed up.

Make Way for Mums

Fall’s mums are here to stay, and given how pretty they are, you’ll never want them to leave. It’s that time of year to give your front steps and entryway a refresh, re-potting plants, setting out pumpkins, and switching out your summer wreath for something a little more seasonal.

Hauntingly Fun Halloween Decor

This Halloween, why should the usual decorations have all the fun? We here at Port Charlotte Florist think it’s high time florals got in on the game and are offering some hauntingly fun Halloween decor to prove it.

Bright Autumn Flowers

While Florida may not see the changing fall colors that other parts of the country enjoy – or experience cooler weather – we still love to celebrate the arrival of the new season.

Thanksgiving Designs and Centerpieces

Is there anything better than Thanksgiving in South Florida? With abundant sunshine and perfect temperatures, we experience the holiday in a way few people are privileged to.

Halloween Colors and Design

Don’t you just love Halloween? Whether the fun of the costumes, the nostalgia of the trick-or-treating, or simply being outside with friends in the beautiful weather – Halloween in South Florida is unique and special.

Last-Minute DIY Thanksgiving Ideas

Thanksgiving is almost here, but it’s not too late for some last-minute DIY decorating tips and craft ideas. If you’re in charge of cooking this year’s dinner but haven’t started planning yet…never fear!

The Centerpiece of a Perfect Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, it’s almost that time of the year once again to reflect on the things for which we are thankful as we share the beginning of the holiday season with family, friends, and loved ones.