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5 Florals We’re Thankful For

Our expert florists at Port Charlotte Florist, serving Port Charlotte and nearby areas, believe in the true power of flowers all year long! They’re not only beautiful and fragrant but also have a variety of health benefits that people can enjoy just from spending time around flowers. Flowers can improve memory, boost your mood, and lower your stress levels. They’ve also been shown to speed recovery times for patients who are sick, injured, or recovering from surgery. With so many benefits, there’s no reason you need to wait for a holiday or special occasion to order flowers. Why not enjoy their beauty and powers today?

Most Popular Flowers in the U.S.

The most popular flowers vary from time to time and place to place. For example, lotus flowers and camellias are two of the most popularly used flowers in East Asia, but they’re not used that frequently in other parts of the world. There was also a time when tulips were so valuable that they passed for currency. They also made up a major portion of Holland’s entire economy. Although tulips are still a favorite today, they’re not nearly as desirable as they once were. Although you’ll find them in Easter and Mother’s Days bouquets, you’re not likely to find anyone who’s willing to pay thousands of dollars for a single tulip bulb.

Our favorite flowers are all uniquely beautiful, have important symbolic meanings, and are work well mixed with other flowers in a bouquet.

pink roses and purple and green hydrangea


Roses are classic beauties that never go out of style. Roses are so special and bloom in so many colors that each variety has its own meaning. You probably already associate red roses with romantic love, but other colors mean different things. For example, lavender roses represent love at first sight, pink roses symbolize admiration, orange roses are for passion, white for purity, and yellow for friendship.



Sunflowers represent pure thoughts, dedication, and adoration. We love to use them autumn bouquets and their sunny yellow petals fit right in with any arrangement of vibrantly colored flowers.

pink and white lilies with pink and purple floral accents in vase

Stargazer Lily

If the name isn’t beautiful enough, you’ll definitely fall in love with stargazer lilies when you see them. Their most popular variety of stargazers feature petals with white rims that burst with fiery pink and fuchsia from the center. In their pink variety, stargazers represent prosperity, but their all-white versions are used to convey sympathy and purity.

green orchids with blue and pink pastel floral accents in vase


Orchids are one of the most exotic choices and also bloom in countless varieties. They represent glorious femininity, mature charm, refinement, exotic beauty, and thoughtfulness. They’re a perfect gift for any special woman.

preach and pink roses with orange pin cushion protea

Pincushion and King Protea

Protea flowers are so unique that we couldn’t choose just one. We love both pincushion protea and king protea. These blooms represent change, transformation, courage, diversity, and resourcefulness. They’re a perfect choice for someone as strong as they are beautiful.

Secret Meaning of Your Favorite Flowers

Sure, flowers all have their own symbolic meanings, but some believe that a person’s favorite flower can actually reveal something about their personality. People who love baby’s breath are thought to be young at heart. Violet lovers are said to be reserved and witty. If you prefer daffodils, you’re likely a gracious host. Daisies equate an adventurous spirit, and a penchant for lilacs means you also enjoy nostalgia.

Easily Order Flowers for Someone

If you’re ordering flowers for someone, it’s a good idea to consider your relationship with the recipient, the type of occasion, and the sentiment you want the flowers to convey. We recommend red roses for romantic relationships and occasions only. It’s also a good idea to avoid all-white bouquets, except for somber occasions, as they usually represent sympathy and remembrance. If you’re not sure what type of arrangement would be best, bouquets of mixed flowers and colors are always a safe choice!

Ordering flowers from Port Charlotte Florist is easy! You can have flowers sent to just about anywhere, using our website, or we always welcome customers to stop into our flower shop. Our expert florists will personally help you choose a perfect floral arrangement for your recipient.