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Posted by portcharlotteflorist on October 20, 2019 | Last Updated: October 8, 2020 Uncategorized

Decorate Your Front Porch for Fall

Autumn is a wonderful time to add the brilliant golds, oranges, yellows, and reds of the season to your outdoor décor. As the entrance to the home, your front porch beckons guests to come inside. Adding fresh fall flowers in interesting containers is an easy way to let the neighborhood know that fall is finally here!

Let the floral experts at Port Charlotte Florist in the Port Charlotte area of make suggestions for creating an amazing autumn display for your front porch. They work hard to make your decorating needs both entertaining and easy. By updating your front porch to reflect the fall season, you may be inspired to add autumn colors to other areas of your home!

What are the Best Fall Flowers and Plants for the Season?

Potted Mum Plant

When you choose to display seasonal-specific flowers on your front porch, you bring a fresh feel to your entire home. Here are some of the best fall flowers and plants that love being outside and will look great on your porch this season.

  • Big, Bold Mums: Chrysanthemums are well-known for their lovely, large blooms and bright fall colors. Choose a natural container such as a basket or a wooden bucket to show off these flowers in all their autumn glory. Our Potted Mum Plant is the perfect way to add fall color.
  • Multiple Varieties of Marigolds: With so many types of blooms, you are sure to find a variety of marigolds that will fit your decorating needs. In shades that range from soft yellow to bright orange, just choose the colors that make you feel like your porch is ready for fall.
  • Sunflower Statement: With their generous yellow blooms and dark centers, sunflowers are a reminder of the harvest season and the cooler weather to come.
  • Potted Plant Color: Make a statement for your front porch by including a green plant with subtle colors, such as the Croton Plant, as part of your outdoor fall décor. Many potted plants are easy to care for and offer numerous colors to add to your fall display.

Design Ideas for Your Front Porch

Colorful Mums and Pumpkins

The decor you choose for your front porch’s fall decor should accentuate your specific personality and flair. Bring individual style and creativity to your front porch with a few of these great tips and ideas:

  • Hang a Front Door Wreath: Intertwined grapevines look lovely against any door, especially one that is brightly painted. Our Sunflower Pop Wreath combines silk sunflowers, berries, and raffia for a beautiful, finished look.
  • Bring the Farm Home: One or more hay bales can be the center of attention on your front porch. A few well-placed pumpkins and vibrant yellow mums will announce that fall is here. Add a pitchfork or other farm implement for a special, down-home display.
  • Utilize a Contrasting Color Scheme: Focusing on one color for your primary autumn décor is a great way to highlight the various shades of nature. Pairing pale yellow button mums with eye-catching black-eyed Susans will draw attention to your porch, inviting neighbors to take a closer look.
  • Celebrate Nature’s Bounty: Bright orange pumpkins, multi-colored gourds and green acorn squash show off the reward of the harvest. Add some corn husks and maybe a scarecrow for a bountiful harvest arrangement.

Decorating Ideas for Smaller Porches

Fun Fall Containers

Even if your front porch is more of a front stoop, there are still plenty of great ways to include tons of fall style and decor. Specifically, play with height and the dimensions you do have. Stack, hang and cluster for fun fall looks that won’t overwhelm.

  • Hanging Flower Baskets: Hardy enough for fall’s cooler temperatures, pansies look great cascading over a basket hanging for the porch eaves. Pansies come in many colors to enhance the look of your small front porch.
  • Textured Containers: Whether you choose a wooden crate, a large stone jar or wicker basket, for a small porch, select one container to be the focal point of your fall porch display. Just add flowers for a fantastic fall look. Our gorgeous Autumn Garden Blooms arrive in a natural terra cotta pot for fun fall style.
  • Garland Arch: Instead of a long garland that might overwhelm a small porch, create an arch to invite others into your home. Choose your color pallet and select plants and flowers that make autumn come alive.
  • Flower Boxes: If you already use flower boxes on your front porch, consider sprucing up the box when you change the flowers. A new coat of paint in a neutral, fall shade will showcase the deep colors of autumn.

Making your front porch a focus of your neighborhood and encouraging a bit of friendly decorating competition with your neighbors brings a sense of purpose to the new season. Send a potted mum or marigold to your neighbor to start off their own decorations. The floral experts at Port Charlotte Florist would be happy to help you design an autumn front porch that is both warm and colorful.