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Posted by portcharlotteflorist on November 10, 2017 | Last Updated: October 8, 2020 Uncategorized

Centerpieces for Every Thanksgiving

We’re all different in how we approach Thanksgiving; for some of us, it’s a formal affair, filled with heirloom linens and china, soft candlelight and everyone dressed up. For others, it’s a casual potluck on the back patio followed by football in the backyard or a walk on the beach. And then there’s the rest of us, who fall somewhere in between!

At Port Charlotte Florist, we’ve got centerpieces for the Thanksgiving table that will work for everyone. With just a little time and consideration, you can find the perfect one for your dinner.

The first thing to take stock of when it comes to centerpieces is your table configuration. Consider how big it will be, whether or not you’ll have to extend it, and if there will be more than one table. Do a run through of the table design a week in advance, placing the settings and serve ware. That will help you decide what kind of centerpiece you need, along with knowing how formal or informal your gathering will be.

For the former, we love our Grateful Gathering centerpiece, which looks stunning on a good-sized table. Here the classic colors of Fall are represented, with two tapers in the center to cast that nice warm glow over the table.

If you have multiple tables, or are going for a more modern look, consider placing two or three of the same bouquet either down the center or one to each table. This creates a feeling of unity in the room, and also gives everyone something beautiful to look at. The purples and reds of our Autumn Calico are a nice alternative to a more traditional Fall palette.

Once you’ve decided what will work best for your Thanksgiving table, let us at Port Charlotte Florist know, so we can match you up with it.