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Posted by portcharlotteflorist on September 7, 2019 | Last Updated: October 8, 2020 Uncategorized

Use the Fabulous Chrysanthemums for Fall Decor

When fall approaches and brings a plethora of change along with it, be prepared by surrounding yourself with chrysanthemums! These hardy flowers are more than just pretty pops of color. They are the quintessential flower of fall, so they’ll give your home or office a beautiful seasonal look when you decorate with them. Plus, they actually offer multiple health benefits to keep you healthy and happy as cold season approaches. Take a look at some of our favorites varieties in the Port Charlotte area and let the experts at Port Charlotte Florist show you how healthy a few chrysanthemums in your home can be!

Red Rover Mum

Red Rover Mums

Red Rover Chrysanthemums are one of our favorite varieties of mums, with a big, showy open face, much like a daisy but larger. With a yellow center disk and petals that are yellow near the center and bright red further away from the disk, these colorful blooms almost looked as though they’ve been painted! Coupled with sweet, dainty cushion mums, with brown center disks and bright yellow petals surrounding the disk symmetrically, these blooms mingle beautifully to create a bright fall look, like the one seen here in our Sugar Maples Bouquet. Red Rovers also play nicely with other blooms by adding their bold color and bright sunny look to designs like our Burnished Blooms Centerpiece. When adding gorgeous color to any fall designs, rover mums are a must.

Daisy Mums

Daisy Mums & Cushion Mums

Some other great varieties of mums that add a softer touch to any design are daisy mums and cushion mums. Daisy mums actually resemble regular daisies, with a flat central disk that usually comes in green, brown, or yellow. Short, brightly colored petals surround the disk in a symmetrical design that gives off a happy, cheerful vibe. Cushion mums tend to grow low to the ground and are very similar to daisy mums, but with an even fuller, shorter, softer appeal. Take a look at our yellow cushion mums as they mingle among the red daisy mums in our Country Pumpkin design. What a beautiful way to add a festive touch to your fall decor!

Health Benefits

Did you know that chrysanthemum petals can be steeped to make an herbal tea? Place petals in boiling water for about 10 minutes to create a chrysanthemum tea that delivers relief from a variety of cold symptoms like fevers, headaches, sore throats and vertigo. Drinking chrysanthemum tea can also bring relief for anxiety, tinnitus and high blood pressure. Plus, a recent study from NASA revealed that chrysanthemums reduce indoor air pollution. So place a few floral designs featuring mums throughout your home or office during the fall season and breathe a little easier as cold season sets in.

The benefits of fall mums goes far beyond their beauty and colors. Add these gorgeous blooms to your home or garden to include the beauty of fall all around you, and use these amazing flowers to keep you healthy all season long. To learn more about the benefits of mums, or for help choosing your favorite variety, talk to the floral artisans at Port Charlotte Florist. We’ll be glad to discuss the amazing aspects of these fascinating chrysanthemums with you!