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Bring the Perfect Hostess Gift to Any Type of Thanksgiving Celebration

Thanksgiving is upon us soon, and we hope you’re looking forward to spending time with loved ones, eating delicious favorites, and reflecting on what you’re most thankful for. If you find yourself invited to be someone’s guest at Thanksgiving, consider yourself lucky that you won’t be hosting! Then consider a few ways you can show your gratefulness to the person who is.

The designers at Port Charlotte Florist have some great ideas for hostess gifts that will help you show your appreciation. Light up their day and let them know their hard work has not gone unnoticed when you arrive with one of these awesome gifts in hand. You may even get invited back next year.

Is It Necessary to Bring a Hostess Gift?

Not only are hostess gifts a time honored tradition, it’s also just good etiquette to bring a gift when you arrive as a guest. On Thanksgiving, though, it’s important to remember that your hostess has put a lot of time, energy, money and effort into buying, preparing, and cooking the meal. Plus she’s cleaned and decorated before opening her home to her guests. She’ll very much appreciate your thoughtfulness. Show her how much her hard work means to you and impress your hosts at the same time.

Hostess Gifts for Friendsgiving

orange yellow and peach fall flowers in cornucopia

Autumn’s Bounty Cornucopia

If you plan to be a guest at a Friendsgiving, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, Friendsgiving is not meant to replace your family Thanksgiving. It’s usually held on a weekend prior to Thanksgiving Day so you can still be with family. Second, this is a gathering of close friends, but that doesn’t necessarily mean your hostess has everything she actually needs to serve a big meal. Help her out like the friend you are with a great hostess gift that’s also functional. Here are a few ideas:

  • Bring Flowers: Add a fresh bouquet of flowers to your hostess’ table with our Autumn’s Bounty Conucopia or another bright design of fall blooms. Cheerful decor will bring a festive element to the event.
  • Bring Dessert: Even if your hostess swears she has everything she needs, there’s always room for dessert. Bake your famous pumpkin pie or branch out with bars or cupcakes. We promise no one will turn them down.
  • Bring Ice: You’re hostess will be forever grateful that you thought to bring something so practical. She doesn’t need to be running out to pick up more, and it’s not possible to have too much. Bring. Ice.

Hostess Gifts for a Formal Thanksgiving

sunfloers and peach flwoers in ceramic bucket

Autumn Garden Blooms

If the gathering you’ve been invited to will be a more formal affair, or you don’t know your hosts very well (maybe you’re the guest of a guest), bring a gift they can enjoy anyway. Here are some great options for a formal or more polite event.

  • Gorgeous Flowers: A beautiful bouquet of fresh fall flowers like our Autumn Garden Blooms will be a lovely addition to any home. These blooms are versatile enough to be placed on the dining or serving tables, or elsewhere in the home.
  • Fall-Scented Candles: A set of candles in fall cinnamon, apple or evergreen will be an uplifting delight to your hostess and all their guests.
  • Holiday-Themed Cookie Cutters: A fun set of themed cookie cutters will be a great gift your hostess can enjoy in the future whenever they bake for holidays.

Hostess Gifts for a Casual Thanksgiving

yellow and orange flowers in ceramic orange pumpkin

Warm Fall Wishes Bouquet

If your Thanksgiving plans bring you to a relaxed, casual holiday event with people or relatives you’re familiar with, it can be tempting to skip the hostess gift altogether. We encourage you not to, but instead find a gift you know you’re hostess will love.

  • Flowers with a Keepsake: A floral arrangement that also includes a keepsake, like our Warm Fall Wishes Bouquet with a ceramic pumpkin container can be repurposed as a cookie jar for future holidays.
  • Aromatherapy and a Spa Set: Your hostess will look forward to relaxing after her duties as hostess are over with an aromatherapy air diffuser and a spa set. Give her the gift of calm repose after a busy day of hostessing.
  • Breakfast Treats: No one wants to think about cooking breakfast after spending the day cooking a Thanksgiving meal. Arrive with a breakfast casserole, muffins, or a fruit salad in hand and your hostess might just keep you around!

No matter what kind of Thanksgiving celebration you find yourself invited to, be prepared to indulge your hostess and let her know how kind she’s been to include you in the day’s celebration. Your thoughtfulness will go a long way toward making your hostess feel appreciated. Talk to the professionals at Port Charlotte Flowers to learn about more great gift ideas, or to find something perfect for your next special occasion. We’re here to make sure you and your loved ones have a great Thanksgiving.