Flowering Plants & Blooming plants

Favorites in Flowering Plants

Send a flowering plant for any occasion, whether to congratulate someone on a job well done, express your sympathy, or say thank you.

Sending a flowering plant from Port Charlotte Florist is like sending a bundle of happiness wrapped in greenery! These plants come with a personality all their own, adding a dose of charm to any space. Imagine sending a plant with a cute little gnome or fairy figurine nestled amongst the leaves, adding a touch of whimsy and magic to the gift. These playful accents turn a simple plant into a miniature garden that brings joy and a dash of quirkiness to any home or office. Flowering plants are not just green companions; they're living reminders of your thoughtfulness. They thrive and bloom over time, just like your friendship or affection for the recipient. So, when you send a flowering plant from Port Charlotte Florist, you're not just sending a gift; you're sending a quirky, cheerful, and long-lasting source of happiness that's sure to make the recipient smile with delight.

These long-lasing blooming plants are the perfect size for a bedside table or kitchen counter top.  

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