Design Class

Favorites in Design Class

Come enjoy a glass of wine and create a floral design.  Classes are limited.  Purchase your spot today!  

Light snacks, a glass of wine, and all design supplies are included.  Classes are non-refundable.

Floral design classes are a fantastic and enriching activity, especially for anyone who is passionate about flowers. These classes offer a unique opportunity to dive deeper into the art of floral arrangement, honing skills and expanding knowledge in a structured and creative environment. One of the most compelling reasons to engage in floral design classes is the chance to enhance your creativity. Flowers are like a painter's palette, with an endless array of colors, textures, and shapes to work with. Learning different techniques and styles in a class setting can unlock new possibilities and inspire fresh ideas for floral creations. There's a unique sense of satisfaction in crafting a beautiful arrangement with your own hands, and these classes offer a supportive community of fellow enthusiasts. It's a wonderful way to meet like-minded individuals, share ideas, and bond over a shared love for flowers. Come visit Port Charlotte Florist for a design class! We cannot wait to amaze you!

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