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Posted by portcharlotteflorist on May 25, 2016 | Last Updated: October 16, 2020 Uncategorized

The Tropical Flowers of Florida

tropical flowersNo one will deny that there is a definite vibe to living in a sub-tropical climate as we do here on the Gulf Coast of Florida. Not only do we get to live where other people vacation, but we have the joy of experiencing the blue skies, sunny days and amazing beaches year round. Even our plant life is characteristically unique; we cultivate plants in our flower–beds and yards that won’t even grow in many parts of the country. And while we may not live on a tropical island paradise, we emulate that ambiance of carefree beauty whenever we grow, arrange or gift tropical flowers.

tropical flowersTropical flowers thrive in warm-to-hot, sunny climates. Although tropical rain forests are often considered the ultimate tropical location, heavy and frequent rainfall is not one of the necessary factors to be classified as a tropical climate (although periods of heavy rainfall is often present). In fact, tropical and subtropical ecosystems are highly diverse, from the lush canopies of the forests to the arid heat of the desert. The flora that grows in all of these sunny locales is truly unique – presenting in dramatic, vivid colors and eye-catching beauty! Locally in South Florida, we raise some of the more stunning of these flowers – from birds of paradise to orchids, to hibiscus. Other sought after tropical blossoms include the anthurium, red ginger, bromeliad, fire opal and heliconia. Orchids are often deemed the most desired of the exotic tropical flowers. Although cultivated around the globe, the elegant orchid grows in thousands of species and colors; with one of the most prolific being the dendrobium orchid, most often seen in floral arrangements.

tropical flowersCome into Port Charlotte Florist, and let us help you to design a tropical floral display that will take you away to the sights, aromas and feel of the tropics; without ever leaving your Florida home.