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Happy Just Because Day

Just Because Day

Most of us spend our days doing what is expected of us, taking care of responsibilities and making sure we keep to schedules.

Just Because Day, observed on August 27, is a chance to permit yourself to act spontaneously, to try something new, or make someone else’s day simply because you can. This whimsical holiday asks you to spend the day celebrating your life, family, and leisure time . At Port Charlotte Florist, we are committed to delivering the gorgeous floral arrangements that make even an ordinary day special.
Just because day
Many do not realize that this day actually began in the 1960’s, when a California man gave his wife a simple gift. Citing the reason as “just because”, he began a tradition within his own family, whereby they began to exchange presents randomly and with no reason necessary. The practice was adopted by their neighbors and the surrounding community. Today, Just Because Day is meant to give us all the opportunity to do things we wouldn’t normally do in our day to day life – and to have fun doing them!

  • Go for a long drive to a town you’ve never seen before, and spend the day exploring.
  • Pack a picnic and head to the beach to enjoy the last few days of summer.
  • Visit a playground and try out the swings and slides with your kids and grand-kids.
  • Pass out single flowers to people you meet throughout the day. .
  • Pay for the person behind you in the coffee shop, and don’t forget to compliment the person serving you.
  • Visit an elderly neighbor for an afternoon of stories and sharing.
  • Write encouraging notes to special family and friends, and drop them in the mail.
  • Send a bouquet of flowers to someone who inspired you recently.

just because dayOn August 27, you have a unique opportunity to let someone know how much they mean to you – just because! The floral designers atĀ Port Charlotte FloristĀ will assist you in choosing the best arrangement for the situation; we can also create a custom design if you prefer. We deliver throughout the Port Charlotte area, and look forward to celebrating all of your occasions with you.