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Tips For Choosing the Right Flowers to Delight Him on Valentine’s Day

Flowers are a great Valentine’s Day gift for men for various reasons. Scientific research has concluded they make men better communicators; their body language becomes more accessible to read, and they hold eye contact for longer periods. The Society of American Florists also polled men, asking them if they would like to receive a bouquet of blooms, and 60% of them said yes. Many men also remember flowers making them happy as children, whether they recalled the scent of fragrant jasmine blooms or seeing daffodils and tulips restore color to the springtime landscape. At Port Charlotte Florist in Port Charlotte, Florida, we’re eager to help you tailor a Valentine’s Day floral arrangement for him that hits all the high notes.

Tell Your Florist About Him

Discuss your partner’s style, personality type, and interests when initiating the design process with your florist. The better they understand him and what he values, the more they can capture his essence in the Valentine’s Day arrangement. If there is a specific flower he appreciates or one with sentimental value for you both, mentioning it is a good idea. Take into account his fragrance preferences when selecting blooms, as some smell more strongly than others. Lastly, consider the intended location for the flowers, whether it’s a petite bouquet for his office space or a more substantial display for his home.

Opt for Red, Orange, or Yellow Blooms

There are no strict guidelines when considering Valentine’s Day floral arrangements for men, but a monochromatic approach or sticking to one color palette is often a good choice. Rather than a mix of different flowers, a more uniform look with a single type of flower — like birds of paradise or deep red anthuriums — tends to align with masculine preferences. Look for clean and modern lines in the design. However, if your partner is outdoorsy, you have the option of a more rustic design reminiscent of a meadow. Achieve this look with wildflowers, foliage, and elements that give the impression of being freshly gathered from nature.

Select Contemporary Designs

Instead of maximalist designs, look for contemporary arrangements with clean lines similar to those you see in modern art and architecture. These types of arrangements are straightforward, often sticking to one color palette. They can include tall, sleek stalks of bamboo, birds of paradise, or even a single kind of flower, like red anthuriums. Or you can ask for a design style that mimics nature’s organic beauty. For the man who loves outdoor adventures, a bouquet that looks as if it’s been freshly picked from a meadow can be deeply resonant. Think wildflowers, greenery, and earth-toned florals arranged in a way that feels untamed.

Consider the Vase Choice

Vases used in masculine Valentine’s Day flower arrangements should elevate sophistication while remaining harmonious with the floral design. The lines should flow seamlessly and continuously from bloom to vessel. It’s not unlike buttoning up a well-tailored suit jacket so the overall outfit is clean and pressed. As for the color and character of the vase, select minimalist options in muted or dark tones instead of extravagant containers; this lets the flowers be the star of the show. It’s also an opportunity to contrast colors effectively, like the look of a red rose against an onyx vase.

Connect the Arrangement to His Hobbies or Pair Flowers With a Gift

Flowers in and of themselves are a great gift for anyone, but they can also be paired with a companion gift to sweeten the pot. For example, if your partner loves going out to new restaurants, have the bouquet delivered to the table during your Valentine’s Day dinner as an added surprise. If he’s a musician, customize the arrangement with mini drumsticks or a keychain depicting his instrument of choice. If your partner is a sports fan, have your florist add his favorite team logo to the vase or place a pennant amid the blooms. Your attention to his interests won’t go unnoticed.

Celebrating Valentine’s Day with a floral gift for your partner is a beautiful way to express your affection. Rely on the expertise at Port Charlotte Florist to design a bouquet that perfectly captures his essence.

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