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Boost Your Flower Knowledge with Identification Apps

If you’ve ever admired a plant or flower while walking through a park and wished you knew more about it, well now you can – in just minutes, too! It’s as easy as taking a picture of what you’re admiring and with a plant identifier app on your smartphone, you’ll instantly get your specimen identified along with access to an encyclopedic amount of information about it. Of course, you could ask one of the flower and plant experts at Port Charlotte Florist, but for 24/7 access to flower knowledge at the tip of you fingers, you can’t go wrong with one of the below plant identifier apps.

Precisely what you were thinking about sending! This modern cube arrangement has fresh cut purple flowers with a touch of pink and green.

Eight Great Flower Identification Apps 



Developed by scientists, PlantNet uses visual recognition computer software to identify plants in photos. Just snap a picture of any plant or flower and you will get it identified immediately. PlantNet also calls itself a citizen science project due to the fact that all the plants and flower pictures are collected and studied by scientists around the world in order to better understand plant biodiversity and preservation. Besides plants, this free app also identifies trees, flowers, grasses, ferns, vines, and cacti.



Snap a picture of a flower, plant, leaf, stem, or berry and PictureThis will give you identification. Simple to use, this app uses artificial intelligence to scan your picture and provide an ID. Results also include detailed information on each flower and plant species. Additionally, PictureThis identifies plant diseases and gives tips on growing, pest control, and more. After a 7-day free trial, there is a charge for this subscription-based app.


What’s That Flower?

A popular app that identifies flowers and plants, What’s That Flower doesn’t take photo submissions, rather it provides results based on questions you answer on the flower you want to be identified. You start by picking the flower’s color, then its habitat, and the number of petals. Then, the app will show you several images matching your description along with detailed information about each one. This is a good app for finding out the name of a flower you only know by memory. What’s That Flower is a free app with ads or, for a small price, an ad-free premium version is available.



This free mobile app identifies tree species by utilizing visual recognition software on photos of a tree’s leaves. LeafSnap has beautiful high-resolution images of leaves, fruit, trees, seeds, and bark, making it a very popular app.

Apps that Identify More than Just Plants

  • Agrobase – Large database of plants, weeds, pests, and plant diseases. Mostly useful for farmers.
  • iNaturalist – A nature app that identifies the plants and animals around you.
  • NatureGate – Identifies plants, flowers, birds, fish, and butterflies, too, with a database of more than 700 species.
  • PlantSnap – Identifies plants, flowers, cacti, succulents, and mushrooms and has a database of over 625,000 species.

Last but not least, there are a large number of free wildflower apps for many regions of North America for all the wildflower lovers out there.