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Why You Shouldn’t Purchase Flowers from the Grocery Store

Life will be a great deal less special and a lot more dull without flowers in it. The fantastic colors, shapes, fragrance, and sizes of flowers are some of the most remarkable and beautiful things earth gives us. Here at Port Charlotte Florist, we support eco-friendly floristry follow green practices to ensure these beauties remain around for a very long time.

Pink Cosmos Flowers

Eco-Friendly Floristry Explained

Also referred to as sustainable floristry and environmentally friendly Floristry, it is a movement that promotes florists to do ecologically mindful methods within the agriculture of blossoms and in their daily work life too. The majority of individuals don’t know that most of the flowers offered in U.S. are shipped from various other places. Aside from the environmentally friendly cost of presentation and also shipping plants from countless miles away, a lot of these nations do not regulate the farms of theirs that results to misuse of labor, excessive use of pesticides, as well as giant farmlands currently being carved out the farmland creating soil erosion and also harming the ecosystems around them.

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How Florists Are Helping Save the Planet with Eco-Friendly Floristry


Sourcing Slow Flowers

Slow Flowers are flowers that are locally grown, or even as near as they can, and also done and so in an eco-friendly fashion. Purchasing gradual flowers cuts down on green costs of shipping flowers from a long way away. It is much better for the planet and local economies are supported by it.

Eliminating Foam

Floral foam is a one-time-use product that is not earth friendly. Once a staple in many florists’ shops, it has now mostly been replaced with organic or reusable mechanics.

Waste Management

Reducing waste, conserving water, and composting are methods that are helpful to the planet. Some florists moreover use energy efficient coolers and motion sensor lighting to be even more green.


Recycling containers, papers, plastic bottles go a long way and is a simple process to maintain.

Minimize Plastic

Cutting down on the use of plastic is always a green move. Some florists have started using old newspapers for wrapping flowers rather than plastic, as well as other organic and recyclable materials for tags, ribbons, and bows.

Repurpose Leftover Flowers

Florists usually donate rarely used floral to charities, nursing homes, clinics, etc., or perhaps build special, designs that are unique with them. The thing is using up all and let nothing go to squander.

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Ways You Can Help

Shop Locally – and support community flower shops along with your unique community

Skip the Grocery Store Flowers – typically of less quality and from questionable farms, you will get your money ‘s really worth by visiting an actual florist Recycle The Blooms of yours – Dry, media, or maybe make potpourri or perhaps bath bombs from old blossoms. Extend their existence rather than simply disposing of them.

Simply remaining conscious of a product’s origins and also just how you intend to discard it, and also the way its lifecycle impacts the planet is a huge very first step. Next, undertake earth friendly methods in the life of yours and help businesses which do exactly the same. These little steps are going to add up to help protect the magnificence of Mother Nature and all she allows for generations to come.