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Posted by portcharlotteflorist on July 8, 2017 | Last Updated: February 19, 2021 Uncategorized

South Florida Tropical Floral Arrangements

Here in South Florida, we understand the heat of summer!  But just as we thrive in this climate, so do the gorgeous tropical flowers that surround us. This summer, Port Charlotte Florist is proud to present the hot tropical floral arrangements that will bring the paradise into your home decor and summer occasions – as well as to celebrate the unique beauty inherent in these exotic and amazing flowers.
Birds-of-paradise may be the most recognizable of the tropical flowers, as they grace many front yards and flower beds in our area. These dramatic geometric florals are named after a South African bird with bright plumage, and themselves exhibit a bird-like shape with vivid orange and purple coloring.

Very similar aesthetically to these popular flowers is the heliconia plant, which is actually sometimes called “false birds-of-paradise” because it is often mistaken for the iconic flower. These flowers, however, resemble more of a lobster-claw, and exhibit multi-color bracts.

tropical floral arrangements One of our favorite tropical flowers is the protea, mainly because of its amazingly beautiful and exotic shape and colors. The main variety used in tropical floral arrangements is the pink protea, or “pink ice”. This curious novelty flower is comprised of a large head surrounded by fuzzy overlapping petals that create a tall cup shape, as seen in the photo to the left, above.

Of course, the queen of the tropical flowers is the gorgeous orchid. This elegant and striking flower can be just as easily arranged alone as with other flowers; as a matter of fact, with thousands of varieties and colors that span the spectrum, the orchid can be paired with nearly any other flower. The green cymbidium orchid, picture above, is a uniquely beautiful orchid which evokes the ambiance of a rain forest. To further enhance these exotic displays, you may wish to consider the deep magenta of safari sunrise or the unique vertical lines of the bamboo plant.

Turn your home into a summer oasis, with gorgeous tropical floral arrangements from Port Charlotte Florist. Just check out our online selection, or give us a call. We’ll create summer decor as hot as the South Florida weather.