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Posted by portcharlotteflorist on August 2, 2017 | Last Updated: July 28, 2022 Uncategorized

Romance Month Celebrates Love

National Romance Month gives you the perfect chance to express your love to your sweetheart. Romance in August? It is the perfect fit – summer is filled with spontaneity, fun, and whimsy, and besides, love happens all year-round! When looking for some creative ways to surprise the object of your affection, we recommend you begin with flowers – they have represented true love, passion, and devotion for thousands of years.

In honor of National Romance Month, the floral designers at Port Charlotte Florist have plenty of ideas that may inspire your romantic side. But first, we’d like to share these interesting facts about love and romance. The spirit of love and romance is beautifully captured in this enchanting bouquet. It's the perfect gift for anyone you love.

Some Quick Facts About Romance:

  •  If you and your honey would like to set the record for the longest marriage, you’d better settle in for the long haul. Currently, the longest marriage on record is 79 years. Then again, there is the longest engagement on record – when the couple finally wed at age 82, they had been engaged for 67 years.
  • The most popular month to get engaged is December, while the most popular month for getting married is June.
  • Pucker up! Men who kiss their spouses every day before leaving for work earn higher wages, on average than those who don’t. They also live 5 years longer, so don’t forget your morning kiss, it’s good for your health and wealth.
  • 20% of all current marriages began through an online dating site. It is estimated that 40% of American singles are members of these services.
  • The romance novel industry brings in more profit annually than Major League Baseball. This seems to indicate that romance is the real national pastime.

Not just an ordinary bouquet of roses, these amazing pastel colored roses are filled with hydrangeas and other elegant greenery to bring a smile to moms face or any special lady you love.
Red roses are the recognized leader in the romance flower department – anyone receiving a bouquet of red roses knows exactly what they represent. However, there are other flowers that can speak to your romantic side. For instance, forget-me-nots, tulips, orange blossoms, orchids, and peonies all hold special meaning when it comes to love.

Fun & Simple Ways to Be More Romantic

  • Go Dancing! Kick up your heels to music you love and get the endorphins flowing. Doing fun activities together builds stronger bonds.
  • Do Something Adventurous. Go kayaking, hiking, skydiving, or white-water river rafting to have an exciting and thrilling day of adventure you’ll both remember forever.
  • Have a nice dinner out (or in). Go above the ordinary fare here. Pick a fancy restaurant you’ve never been to before or cook up a gourmet meal at home. Dress up, light candles, and get fresh flowers to make this dinner night extra romantic.
  • Get Away for the Weekend. Go on a quick weekend trip to another city. The change of scenery and new places to visit can do wonders for reviving a relationship.
  • Laugh it up! Endorphins created by laughing can bring couples closer together. So book tix to a comedy club or que your favorite funny movie.

If you are looking for the perfect flower for your relationship, just give Port Charlotte Florist a call. We’ve been delivering the romance to Port Charlotte, Englewood, Punta Gorda, and North Port since 1985.