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Port Charlotte Flowers – Floral Design Day

floral design dayOn February 28, floral designers across the country will honor their profession with a special commemoration – National Floral Design Day. The date remembers the life of one of the most well known and influential floral artists in the United States. Carl Rittners’ pioneering dream and vision for flowers and floral arrangements led him to start the Rittners School of Floral Design in Boston; and because of his dedication, thousands of students have been educated in this beautiful and unique tradition.


Although many people will never give a second thought to the composition of a work created in florals, there is a science and an art behind each piece. Floral designers draw upon the concepts of color, texture, balance and the manipulation of negative space as they create each unique display. Just as in painting or sculpture, there are guidelines and disciplines that are required to obtain certifications and degrees; but once these concepts are grasped, creativity takes over and beauty is unleashed.

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Expert floral designers will usually begin with one primary flower – the variety that is larger, taller, more eye-catching or unique – as the focal point of the arrangement. The bouquet is composed from there, balanced with smaller flowers, blooms of different shape or origin; as well as natural accents – such as broad, sculpted leaves, wiry grasses, linear bamboo stalks or rustic twigs. These details add texture and line to the piece. The selection of the perfect container is just as critical, providing the backdrop.


At Port Charotte Florist, we are dedicated to the art of flowers – no matter the variety, be it roses or daisies. Design’s intent is to elicit a feeling or emotion; and integrating not only the right species of flowers, but creating a piece with appropriate dimensions and ambiance is a critical part of the artistic process. Whatever your style or décor, we’d love to enhance your space with a dramatic floral masterpiece. Why wait for a special occasion? From North Port, to Englewood, to Port Charlotte – we love flowers every day of the year.