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Port Charlotte Florist’s Guide to Orchids

Orchids are mesmerizing and mysterious and unlike any other flowering plant in nature. Perhaps it’s the delicacy of their blossoms which grow from structurally elegant stems, their fair beauty yet strength to rebloom multiple times, or the perfect symmetry each orchid flower has giving the plant balance and beauty atop curving irregularity. There are so many reasons to fall in love with orchids, and here at Port Charlotte Florist, we can’t get enough of them. Of course, we keep plenty around because we believe everyone should have orchids in their home. They are stylish, elegant, promote calm and tranquility, and look great in any room. To discover more about the wondrous orchid, read our orchid-related blogs below and then succumb to their immaculate beauty and find the perfect one for yourself here.

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Succulents, Orchids & Indoor Plants

In Florida, we are all about unique and dramatic flora – we love to surround ourselves with the plants and flowers that transform the atmosphere from ordinary to extraordinary.

Orchids For Early Summer

What do you celebrate during summer months? Birthdays, graduations, anniversaries? While the onset of summer is reason enough to jump for joy, we at Port Charlotte Florist realize there are often plenty of reasons for revelry as these warm months settle in.

The Wonderful Mystique of Blue Blooms

Blue-colored flowers are not as common as other hues, such as red, yellow, pink, purple, and orange, but that’s what makes them all the more special.

Lucky Plants and Flowers to Gift Someone Down on Their Luck

If you feel like you could use a little extra luck this year, then fill your home with fresh green plants and flowers that are known to attract luck like honey attracts bears.

Why Flowers Are the Best Valentine’s Gift for Him

Love is in the air, and the most romantic day of the year is just around the corner. If you’re still trying to decide what to get your boyfriend or husband for Valentine’s Day, you don’t have to look any further than our local flower shop.

Flowers That Transport Us

Do you have a special someone in your life who’s from another part of the country or world? These days, because we move frequently enough, chances are, you have a friend or loved one now living far from home.

A Posh Pairing Of Food And Flowers

Summertime is the season for entertaining guests in a lavish way. Days are longer, leading to more time to linger over good food and better conversation.

Creative Flower Gifts That Wow

Our flower experts at Port Charlotte Florist are excited to help you celebrate creative romance month throughout February. Whether celebrating Valentine’s Day, a birthday, or another special occasion this month, we encourage you to do it with a plant or floral arrangement as unique and special as your sweetheart.

South Florida Tropical Floral Arrangements

This summer, Port Charlotte Florist is proud to present the hot tropical floral arrangements that will bring the paradise into your home decor and summer occasions – as well as to celebrate the unique beauty inherent in these exotic and amazing flowers.

Gifts & Florals for Administrative Professionals Week

Sometimes the people with the big titles and big offices get all the attention – but we all know that it is often the unsung heroes of the company that really make the business run from day-to-day.

Using Flowers to Decorate your Outdoor Parties

Here in South Florida, we know how to take advantage of being outside. From the golf course to the beach, we love spending time in the beautiful weather and sunshine.