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Posted by portcharlotteflorist on November 26, 2016 | Last Updated: November 9, 2020 Uncategorized

Enjoying your Holiday Poinsettias

Without a doubt, the poinsettia plant symbolizes the Christmas season. The vivid flowers are everywhere you look this time of year – from hotel lobbies to shopping malls, from corporate offices to church sanctuaries. Exhibiting the colors of the holiday, and easily maintained, they are the perfect way to spruce up your decor for the holidays. Port Charlotte Florist is a great way to pick up a few holiday poinsettias, but once you own them, how do you keep these flowers looking festive for as long as possible?

In South Florida. we don’t have to worry about these Christmas flowers getting too cold – or do we?
The poinsettia does best in daytime temperatures between 65-70 degrees F.  However, if the flower is in a direct cold draft – for instance, by an air conditioning vent – it will probably start dropping leaves. Keep your plant out of both hot and cold drafts, and it will be much happier.

Take Note

When you first bring a poinsettia into a new environment, it will likely have a few leaves turn yellow and drop off. This is normal as the plant adjusts to its new space.

The poinsettia prefers cooler temperatures overnight and actually loves slightly humid air. A sunroom or lanai not under air may be a perfect location for your holiday poinsettia to spend its evenings.

You’ll want to check the soil of the plant frequently. Water the plant when the topsoil is dry to the touch. The plant should be watered well, but its roots will rot if it is overwatered. Therefore, wait a few moments and then drain any excess water.

By keeping the temperature and water optimal for your holiday poinsettias, you will enjoy them long after Christmas Day.

Poinsettias come in many sizes, and in colors ranging from creamy white to vibrant scarlet. To choose the perfect holiday poinsettias for you, your company, your colleagues, or your friends, stop into Post Charlotte Florist today. We have the holiday plants, floral arrangements, and gifts that will make your season beautiful.