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Blue Florals for the Happiest of September Birthdays

September BirthdaysWhen it comes to finding the perfect birthday gift for our favorite people, sometimes we could use a little inspiration. In September, that inspiration comes by way of the birthstone and birth flower of the month – the sapphire, and the aster. The floral designers at Port Charlotte Florist have created beautiful bouquets and arrangements using these two special elements, ensuring that you can celebrate your September birthdays in elegant style. Which of these designs inspires you?

Sapphire Blue Flowers: The birthstone of the month is the brilliant sapphire. Although the stone does occur in many colors, it is the deep shade of blue  which is the most iconic and cherished. Ancient Greeks associated the sapphire both with the blue of the sky, and the stars in the heavens.

 beautiful mix of bright colored flowers, including blooming alstromeria, bright blue delphinium, soft roses, statice and assorted greenery. Perched with a rustic bird making itself a new home.

Birdhouse Deluxe

This gorgeous color occurs naturally in very few flowers, but incorporating those flowers into arrangements for September birthdays ensures a striking display! To have the celestial beauty of the blue sapphire in your birthday floral designs, select ones with blue hydrangea, blue delphinium, blue larkspur, blue statice, or purple and blue asters. The above “Birdhouse Deluxe” arrangement has bright blue delphinium, blue statice, soft roses, and assorted greenery.

Blue Asters on bush

Blue Asters

September Asters: It is not only the sapphire which the ancients associated with the stars – in fact, the word “aster” also means star. These flowers are related to daisies and sunflowers, and exhibit ray petals that are star-like in shape and appearance. Asters are late summer/early fall bloomers, making them a logical choice to represent this month.

Did You Know? You can identify an aster by its center disc, which is usually yellow and is comprised of nearly 300 miniature individual flowers.

blue dahlia

Blue Dahlia

Another striking blue bloom you’ll find in August and September is the blue Dahlia. This magnificent flower is a showstopper and a scene-stealer. Usually used as a statement flower in an arrangement, it’s also beautiful enough to be presented on its own.

Arrangements with blue flowers are striking because blue in itself is a beautiful color and goes with everything. Offering contrast, intrigue, and pizzazz, give your Birthday buddy an arrangement with some blue flowers and watch the delight in their eyes. Besides being surprised by such a beautiful arrangement, they will also enjoy the benefits of flowers which causes improved moods, happiness, reduced stress, and joy.

Stunning and simply beautiful in blue. White lilies, daisies, roses and spray roses are accented with blue hydrangea, filler and crisp blue vase. A perfect gift for many occasions.

Beautiful in Blue

Our “Beautiful in Blue” arrangement, above, is a great example. It’s hard to not feel peace, happiness, and a sense of calm when gazing upon its loveliness. It’s stunning and simply beautiful in blue with white lilies, daisies, roses, and spray roses accented with blue hydrangea, filler, and crisp blue vase.

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No matter the occasion, you can trust the floral designers at Port Charlotte Florist to deliver the most inspired bouquets. From Punta Gorda to Englewood, Venice, and North Port – we are committed to making sure that all of your special days are more beautiful.