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Posted by portcharlotteflorist on June 6, 2016 | Last Updated: October 16, 2020 Uncategorized

Roses are Hot in June

rosesRoses play a special role this month. For one thing, the official birth flower of June is the rose – and additionally, June 12 is recognized as Red Rose Day. Although not a well-known observance, Red Rose Day is special to botanists, gardeners and flower lovers everywhere who understand the lovely significance of this simple but exquisite bloom.

The most identifiable representation of love and romance in contemporary times would have to be the red rose. The flower permeates our history, our literature and is even given as a symbol of affection in one of the most popular reality TV series. This is not a new phenomenon, however, as the Greek goddess Aphrodite (and her Roman counterpart Venus) were both often portrayed embracing the bloom – meaning that the romance of the red rose has endured through the millennia. Throughout the years, it took on additional meanings of deep passion, commitment, and devotion. Early Christians associated the red rose to the passion of both Mary and Jesus; many centuries later, Shakespeare. Robert Frost and other prolific writers featured the rose prominently in their works.

roses roses

As a birth flower, any color is appropriate – and after all, birthday celebrations should be bright and colorful! If the recipient of your birthday bouquet is not a romantic love interest, there is an entire spectrum of rose hues to choose from. Yellow, orange, pink, purple, cream, white, coral petals can be used to create spectacular arrangements that will vibrantly send your birthday message to the special ones in your life. Don’t forget to add a festive birthday balloon to wish them a happy day.

Whichever rose you choose this month, Port Charlotte Florist should be your first call. Our expert designers will create a birthday floral arrangement that will impress and delight your friends and family – in Port Charlotte, North Port, and Punta Gorda; we are your one stop source for roses, and all things flowers!