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Port Charlotte Florist – Earth Day


earth dayWill the real Earth Day please stand up?


The fact that there are two recognized Earth Days may be a bit confusing. The two days both originated in 1970, and although April the 22nd is the most commonly celebrated, International Earth Day – which is observed annually on the spring equinox – was the first to take place.



John McConnell, a San Francisco activist, proposed that a day be instituted to celebrate the Earth, as well as to promote conservation efforts. He chose the vernal equinox – more commonly known as the first day of spring – because it represents a season of renewal and equilibrium. The mayor of San Francisco officially sanctioned the day, and by June of 1970, the United Nations had issued a proclamation, signed by 36 world leaders, that declared the day “International Earth Day”. However, this particular iteration of the day has turned out to be largely symbolic, while the second Earth Day has evolved into a popular, commercial and legislative force.

earth day


Senator Gaylord Nelson was simultaneously working on an Earth Day inauguration, and planned a nationwide educational initiative for April 22. Millions showed up for the events and rallies; a stunning 10% of the population actually took to the streets to demand cleaner air and water, as well as a more sustainable plan for the future. This striking success led to the establishment of the EPA and to the passing of significant legislation. Because of the huge grassroots impact, the day has become the more popular of the two dates, and the week surrounding April 22 is commonly now known as Earth Week.


There are events across Charlotte County that celebrate Earth Day, but you can bring the celebration right into your living room with a beautiful flowering plant from Port Charlotte Florist. From ferns and ficus, to bromeliads to azaleas – there are so many ways to bring the outdoors in, and to reap all the benefits of living in harmony with plants.