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Outstanding Holiday Gift Experiences Everyone Will Remember

What are your holiday traditions? Do you gather the whole family at an Airbnb and spend a week cooking fancy meals and watching holiday movies? Or are you busy bouncing from party to party in between doing all of your holiday gift shopping? Save time this year and give your loved ones one of our favorite presents: a creative floral experience. Fewer things are more emblematic of the spirit of giving than flowers, and an experience is something that people will appreciate more than basic material things. At Port Charlotte Florist, the premier shop in Port Charlotte, Florida, we can’t think of a better present for anyone, given that you can come to the table with any level of artistic capability and at any age. From kids to adults, there’s something fun and fulfilling for everyone.

Experience Gifts for Moms & Parents

No one is busier during the holiday season than moms and parents, who do all the holiday shopping for kids and other family members. Surprise them with the gift of a floral arranging class, a refreshing way to let them hit the pause button on their duties and focus on themselves. They can sip on their favorite beverage — adult or otherwise — and enjoy being surrounded by flowers with their many benefits. Get in touch with your neighborhood flower shop to see what classes they offer, or see if you can make a custom appointment tailored just for them. Given how much people enjoy being creative and artistic, it could be the start of a regular hobby that’s healthy and rewarding.

Experiences to Gift Friends

If you’re looking for a fun and refreshing activity you and your besties can enjoy during the holiday season, a private floral design class fits the bill perfectly. You’ll all be able to gather around the table, catch up on everything that happened during the year, and enjoy each other’s laughter. You’ll also join together in the spirit of creativity as you make flower crowns or other arrangements of blooms that suit your aesthetic. Don’t forget to curate the perfect holiday playlist to set the mood. Coming together to be artistic and nurture your enduring bonds can even become the holiday tradition that kicks off the season and gets you into the spirit.

Fun Experiences to Gift Kids

Parents are always looking for activities for children that help them discover their creative skills and develop their love of nature. One great way to let kids use their imagination and learn all about flowers is a workshop that centers on floral arts and crafts. They’re sure to have fun learning all there is to know about fresh blooms and enjoying their color and fragrance. They can use the time to make handmade gifts for family members and favorite teachers, including art with pressed petals or mini arrangements. If they’re especially gifted, they can create fashionable flower creations to wear proudly, such as corsages, leis, and boutonnieres.

Corporate Gifting Experiences

While many of us spend 40 hours a week in our offices with coworkers, the holiday season presents an opportunity to get to know one another on a more personal level. A great way to bond with your teammates while getting into the festive spirit is by participating in a creative experience. In this instance, rather than fashioning wearable flowers or creating a colorful arrangement, collaborate on making a succulent garden or plant terrarium. Science shows that there are benefits to having green plants in your workspace, including increased creativity, higher productivity levels, and cleaner air. As a bonus, terrariums and succulents don’t need much care — perfect for the office.

Experiences For You & Your Partner

The holiday season is all about family for many people, but plenty of couples like to celebrate together to honor their bond. Signing up for a floral design class is an ideal way to spend quality time as a pair creating a romantic bouquet. You can play to your strengths; one can select which blooms look best, and the other can figure out how to best arrange them in the vase. It’s the only thing better than gifting your partner flowers because it’s a team effort. It will also help you sharpen your communication skills, work as a team, and marvel at the beauty you can create.

Dive into the world of holiday florals, where you can gift a bouquet and a memorable experience with the help of Port Charlotte Florist. These workshops are the perfect way to add a touch of artistry to your holidays.

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