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National Puppy Day Emphasizes Adoption Crisis

National Puppy Day

Here at Port Charlotte Florist – and for that matter, in South Florida – we love our dogs!  And because we recognize that they are such a huge part of our lives, we admire initiatives such as National Puppy Day that strive to make life better for these beloved animals.  Initiated a decade ago by Colleen Paige – who is also the pet-advocate behind the establishment of National Dog Day and National Cat Day – this grassroots effort was intended to shine a light on the desperate plight of the homeless puppies and dogs in America. The day stands as a reminder to prospective pet owners to adopt puppies from shelters instead of from for-profit organizations.

Did You Know? Due to serious overpopulation, a puppy born in 2017 will have only a 1 in 10 chance of spending their entire life in a loving, stable home.

National Puppy DayApproximately 1.4 million dogs are surrendered to shelters each year. One of the goals of National Puppy Day is to educate people on the dire need to provide homes for these happy, loyal animals. Those who have rescue dogs as a member of their family are quick to assure you – their canines are remarkably loving and seem grateful to be in a safe and permanent environment. Contrary to popular belief, fewer than one-tenth of dogs in shelters were surrendered because of behavior problems.

Puppies present a unique problem, however. They often enter the shelter as an abandoned litter, and statistics tell us that because people can purchase puppies from a pet store, private breeder, or from someone they know, only 26% of new puppies are adopted from shelters – leaving many at risk of being euthanized. National Puppy Day Ther is hope, however. With awareness comes action – and the army of volunteers and rescue workers that network across the country tirelessly strive to find homes for every animal in their charge.  If you are looking to honor their dedication, congratulate a pet parent on their newest addition, or even express your condolences on the loss of a special pet – Port Charlotte Florist has whimsical floral designs for every puppy occasion.

On March 23rd, send a creative floral design to recognize someone for the work they do every day on behalf of these animals. And remember, Port Charlotte Florist is here for all occasions, large and small – always ready with the perfect gift of flowers.