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Posted by portcharlotteflorist on May 7, 2018 Uncategorized

Mother’s Day Flowers 2.0

Time flies so fast that when special occasions inch up on us – as Mother’s Day is about to do, we’re often dumbstruck. Consider this a gentle reminder from the Port Charlotte Florist team that now is the time to choose the flowers you want to send to your mom for the day that honors her.

There’s no escaping the beauty of the flowers we see whenever we leave our South Florida homes, but sometimes – and especially at times such as Mother’s Day, it’s fun to give mom a bouquet of cut flower varieties that we’re not likely to see on properties throughout our area. An excellent example is our Beautiful Garden design. We chose pastel colors because they’re suited to this time of the year. You’ll see a variety of flowers – including roses, hydrangeas, calla lilies, and more. The combination is reminiscent of the types of flowers you might find in an heirloom cutting or cottage garden. We continue that vintage spirit with a broad white lace ribbon that encircles the circumference of the vase. We tie that with a piece of string. The bottom of the vase is filled with shells and decorative stones.

Beautiful Garden - Roses, hydrangeas, greens, pink stock and more. Flowers have always been a traditional gift for Mother’s Day because they make moms feel special. Let the Port Charlotte Florist team help you choose a floral arrangement that warms your mom’s heart and brings happy tears to her eyes.