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Gifts for the College Dorm

college dorm

Here in South Florida, students are preparing to return back to school – and among them are the many first-time college students who are preparing to live away from home for the very first time. The prospect of such an adventure may seem a little intimidating, and is also a bit emotional for everyone involved, both student and parent. If this fall marks the first year that your young adult will be separated from you, you may be looking for meaningful ways to let them know that they will always be in your heart. When it comes to dorm decor that will not only be beautiful and long lasting – but will actually help them with their studies – Port Charlotte Florist has what you need. Help With Their Studies? You may have heard that many plants cleanse and purify the air. As common toxins which can cause headaches, fatigue, or mental fog are removed from the environment, your student will experience great clarity, focus, and concentration. In fact, plants have been proven to increase productivity and decrease stress levels. Given these facts, a plant may be the perfect “must-have” piece of decor for the college dorm. college dormProvide a classic South Florida vibe with a beautiful bromeliad plant – the tropical design and splash of color adds just the right amount of beauty to an otherwise generic dorm room. Ask our experts to suggest sizes and arrangements that will easily fit in a limited space – whether a compact cube, small decorative vase, or small dish garden. Be sure to also check out our gorgeous selection of orchids, perfect to add style and grace to any college dorm.

Happy Birthday! Don’t forget – if your child is celebrating a birthday while away from home, they will be thrilled to receive a bouquet of flowers or personalized gift. Mark your calendar now so as not to forget to order your arrangement in plenty of time. It is guaranteed to make them smile, knowing that they are still top of mind.

college dormPlants and flowers are long lasting reminders of your love and support. But although the treats in a gourmet gift basket won’t last nearly as long, they are likely destined to be the favorite gift that you send. After all, what college student isn’t looking for a midnight snack? Send a delicious basket of fruit, cheese or chocolate, and the basket will become a handy catch-all once the treats are gone.

At Port Charlotte Florist ,we understand that this is one life transition that may be a bit emotional. We are here to help, with plants, flowers and gifts that will remind your student that no matter where they are, they are close to your heart.