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Formal Homecoming Flowers

homecoming flowers

Homecoming weekend is a time set aside by local high schools and colleges to celebrate nostalgia, history, and memories. More than just a football game, the contemporary homecoming  includes tailgate parties, picnics, formal dances and the crowning of a homecoming court.

Whether you are an alumni returning to your alma mater, or a current student looking forward to making memories that will last a lifetime, it is likely that homecoming flowers are a part of your celebration. In Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda, and Englewood, you can trust the floral designers at Port Charlotte Florist to provide the most gorgeous corsages and boutonnieres. 

homecoming flowers

Here is a bit of homecoming trivia to help you get ready for your own celebration:

* History credits the first homecoming to the University of Missouri’s Athletic Director Chester Brewer. In 1911, he invited alumni to “come home” for the game against rival University of Kansas. Over 10,000 alumni and fans accepted the invitation, and arrived to celebrate a weekend of speeches, rallies, dances and a parade, with the big game as the highlight of the weekend.

* They may not have been first, but they are the most consistent! The University of Illinois quickly caught the spirit of homecoming and in 1911, began their own homecoming traditions which still occur today, 106 years later. During that time, only one year was bypassed, due to a terrible influenza epidemic.

homecoming flowers * The tradition of the homecoming court began in the 1930’s. Kings and queens were originally chosen based on a competition that incorporated a float, a campaign, and a popular vote; but over the years, the selection has evolved to simply be the choice of the student body.

* Other homecoming traditions include tailgating parties, spirit dress-up days, bonfires, and parades including the school’s marching band.

Regardless of the traditions which your school embraces, homecoming flowers play a major role. From honoring a football player’s mother, to giving a special gift to your date for the dance – the place for beautiful formal flowers is always Port Charlotte Florist.