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Posted by sbikos on December 28, 2015 Uncategorized

Flowers to Celebrate New Year’s Eve

With colors as varied as an explosion of confetti, New Year’s Eve flower arrangements and gifts add elegance and fun to your midnight celebration. Find the ideal arrangement at Port Charlotte Florist whether you’re hosting an intimate party with close friends or a huge bash guaranteed to keep everyone up until the sun rises on 2016.

Keep the Wine & Flowers Flowing

One of the most creative ways to decorate with flowers at your New Year’s Eve party is to display arrangements that sit in various types of cocktail glasses. From floral libations that fill a martini glass to arrangements that sit in a wine goblet, these flowers will help you celebrate in the most beautiful way possible.

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Stargazer Cocktail

Are you hosting a fancy dress affair where everyone will enjoy excellent wine and mixed drinks? An elegant Stargazer cocktail arrangement filled with lilies might get as much attention as the bartender. With its lush stargazer lilies in a vibrant shade of pink, you’ll want to make sure you have pink drinks to match the festive color of this centerpiece.

Another beautiful floral libation is one “served” in a margarita glass that features a stunning yellow rose surrounded by festive white flowers. If you’re planning a low-key yet fashionable celebration with close friends, this fun arrangement will help you ring in a remarkable New Year.

Flowers are a perfect accompaniment for decorations like balloons, streamers, confetti, and all the other bright features of a festive New Year’s party. You might want to match the colors of your flowers to the balloons that will cover the ceiling or the streamers that will decorate the banisters. More is always better when it comes to decorations, New Year’s, and the countdown to midnight.

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Floral Margarita

Gifts to Bring to a New Year’s Party

If you’re not hosting a party this year, don’t forget to arrive at your friend’s gathering with a fun gift or arrangement. If you’re visiting family for the occasion, you might go with something traditional like a gourmet gift basket. If your “party” will be a couple’s affair with your significant other, you might think about an arrangement of roses.

New Year’s Celebrations are filled with the hope and wonder at what the coming months will bring. Flowers are the perfect way to celebrate the life, laughter, and love that comes with the arrival of 2016 alongside dear friends, loved ones, and family.