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Flowers that Add Meaning & Symbolism to Baby Showers

In addition to gender-specific or gender-neutral decor, animal prints, baked treats, and refreshments, if you find yourself in charge of throwing a baby shower, make sure you also include fresh flowers. Gorgeous blooms not only set the mood of celebration and joy for a soon-to-be new life coming into the world, but the unique nature of flowers, how each blossom is different, unique, special, and beautiful, is also what’s wonderful about new babies. Therefore, fresh flowers are a must, and a selection of blooms with special significance will elevate any baby shower and make it more meaningful. For more information on which blooms to have and their significance, your friends at Port Charlotte Florist are here to help. First, start with what the baby’s birth flower will be and which blooms the mom-to-be loves. Next, keep reading to learn more about particular flower themes and how they fit perfectly with any decor for baby showers.

Top Baby Shower Flowers & Decor Ideas

Rose-Themed Baby Shower

Roses hold the spot of the most popular flower in the world and have inspired generations of poets to reflect on their immaculate beauty and grace. Including such a gorgeous bloom when throwing a baby shower makes sense. They are versatile as they come in nearly every color, so they will match any color scheme. Plus, different colored roses carry different meanings, so you can select the perfect rose for what you want to say. For example, themes they symbolize include beauty, joy, friendship, innocence, grace, femininity, and new beginnings. For a sophisticated and trendy look, choose a rose arrangement in a monochromatic color palette such as creams, whites, and soft peaches, or an arrangement of soft pastels. Impress guests with gorgeous rose centerpieces or take a few fresh-cut roses and place them in bud vases for the guests to take home as a delightful party favor.

Sunflower-Themed Baby Shower

Sunflowers are big, bright, joyful blooms and perfect for sunny and yellow-loving moms-to-be. Symbolizing optimism, joy, love, growth, happiness, and strength, sunflowers represent many of the hopes and wishes we feel when holding a newborn baby. Sunflowers are wonderful baby shower decor with their bright yellow petals – an ideal color for a gender-neutral celebration. These versatile blooms can create a rustic look with mason jars, baby’s breath, and wooden accents or a free-spirited, boho feel with macrame, free-flowing greenery, and pampas grass. Incorporate sunflowers into the cake and other bakery items, place them on tables, and have sunflower designs on napkins, plates, and cups to round out the look.

Wildflower-Themed Baby Shower

For wild, nature-loving momma-to-be, celebrate her style and the unique beauty of wildflowers with a wildflower-themed baby shower. There’s so much variety in the color, shape, and size of these special blooms, that they will go with any color scheme you choose. Place a bunch of wildflowers on the gift table, at each person’s place setting, or tie a few to the presents. The beauty, charm, and wild nature of these blooms make for unique and dazzling decor. You can even place (edible) wildflowers on the cake or in drinks. Charm the guest of honor with a wildflower crown, have DIY flower bars, and lavender-scented candles for fun additions to your one-of-kind wildflower baby shower.

Greenery-Themed Baby Shower

A greenery-themed baby shower is a fresh, healthy, and natural take on traditional baby shower decor. Ditch the balloons and decorate with vines and big leafy plants instead. Place greenery on the tables as a runner or have an arrangement of bold blooms with lush greenery placed throughout the room. Plants and live greenery not only promote relaxation and lower stress, but they clean the air and boost people’s moods. Not to mention, the symbolism of fresh greenery represents new birth, renewal, healthy growth, and prosperity. Place a few small containers of succulents on the tables, too, for a nice and interesting touch, as well as eucalyptus, green garlands, and peace lilies. Flowers that complement this theme are white, peach, or green blooms such as roses, peonies, hydrangea, and bells of Ireland.

“April Showers Bring May Flowers” Baby Shower

If you are planning a baby shower for April or May, you have a fantastic opportunity for an “April Showers Bring May Flowers” themed baby shower. You’ll have at your fingertips a glorious variety of pretty, flourishing spring blossoms. Spring flowers are perfect for baby showers as they symbolize rebirth, new beginnings, renewal, and new life. Mix and match your favorite spring blooms, or find out which spring bloom is the favorite of the mom-to-be and the guests and include them all for an exceptional and significantly meaningful baby shower. If you like, add additional spring decor in the form of chicks, baby ducks, colorful umbrellas, tin watering cans, and rain boots.

Flowers are a natural and beautiful way to celebrate a soon-to-be new bundle of joy! Not only are they fragrant and remarkable in their delicate beauty, but they are also symbolic of new life. No baby shower is complete without them. For baby shower blooms or flowers for any of life’s occasions or “just because,” start with fresh, high-quality flowers and excellent customer service at Port Charlotte Florist.