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Posted by portcharlotteflorist on May 18, 2021 | Last Updated: May 20, 2021 Uncategorized

Decorate with Summer Blooms & Botanicals

There is no better way to instantly brighten up your home than with a vase (or two) of summer blooms! The vibrant colors, lush blossoms, and sweet fragrance of summer flowers add style, warmth, and joy to any space. Here at Port Charlotte Florist, we love working with summer botanicals for their vitality, variety, and bold colors. Below we list a few of our favorites. Any of them will do for refreshing and revitalizing your home this summer.

All-Star Flowers of Summer

Vibrant, fragrant, and colorful, these summer blooms will brighten any room.

Calla Lily

Elegant and sophisticated, the Calla lily grows in a variety of charming and beautiful colors such as lavender, yellow, pink, rose, orange, and maroon. White Calla lilies are by far most popular, though, as they are often used in weddings.


Large, bold, and with a lot of petals, the dahlia stands out as a truly stunning summer bloom. Dahlias are popular cut stems and come in a wide range of bright colors.


Cute and charming, daisies are a beloved summer flower. Symbolizing innocence and purity, the daisy grows in multiples colors but the most popular color is white and yellow, which is known as the Shasta daisy.


A vertical mass of vibrant and frilly blooms, delphiniums are striking for their colors and bunches of frilly petals which typically come in blue and purple. These blooms are popular for adding colorful vertical features to arrangements and look amazing in a vase on their own as well.


With a large mass of petals bunched together to create a full and lush bloom,  hydrangea flowers are loved by gardeners and florists alike. They grow in a variety of hues such as light pink, light blue, dark blue, and lavender.


Lush and romantic, peonies are seen in many June weddings. This alluring bloom exudes elegance, passion, and beauty. The peony grows in shades of pink, yellow, red, peach, and white, and is a short-season summer flower which makes its beauty all the more desirable.


Roses thrive in the summer sun and these fragrant and beautiful blooms grow in nearly every color imaginable. The rose is well known for being a symbol of love, which is why it’s the most popular flower in the world.


Colorful and cheerful, snapdragons flourish in the sun. Clusters of small, delicate blooms grow from a vertical stalk in multiple rich colors.


A floral representation of the summer sun, the sunflower brings light,  vibrancy, and joy to any space. Sunflowers can add an instant spark of joy to your home or your office.

Summer Plants for Your Home

Summer plants are another great addition to your home. Great choices are varieties that love the sun and thrive in warmer weather, such as the ones listed below.


For a houseplant with bright, colorful foliage, choose the croton plant to liven up your home. Large, beautiful leaves are colored with lines of yellow, orange, and red against a green or dark purple background. This is one plant that is sure to impress.


Philodendrons make great house plants because they are easy to grow and are terrific air-cleaners. Their dark green leaves are large and glossy and they love being placed by a sunny window.

Spider Plants

With long, slender leaves that arch gracefully up and then fall downwards, the spider plant makes wonderful decor for any home. This hardy plant can survive even in less than perfect conditions.


Colorful and easy to care for, succulents come in a variety of shapes and colors to match any interior decor. Keep them in a sunny spot and make sure they receive plenty of water.

Swiss Cheese Plant

Another sun-loving plant, the lovely Swiss cheese plant has large, green leaves with holes in them making it a striking addition to any home.

Brighten your home with some colorful and flourishing botanicals of summer. Summertime blooms will brighten not only your surroundings but your mood, too! To see more, visit our store or check out our online catalog of the summer’s best plants and flowers to fill your home with.