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Posted by portcharlotteflorist on September 27, 2021 | Last Updated: October 2, 2021 Uncategorized

Celebrate the Enchanting Colors of Fall with These Stunning Florals

The colors of fall are different from other seasons in that they are more earthy and warm with deep hues and brilliant tones. Taken from the vibrant colors of nature seen in the turning of the leaves, seasonal blooms, plus pumpkins, hay, corn, and apples, fall colors abound from home decor to fashion trends. In fact, the Pantone Color Institute puts out its list of fall color trends each year to celebrate, and encourage the use of, certain fall colors. These select Pantone colors will undoubtedly end up on fashion runways, home interior stores, and marketing items. 

In honor of celebrating the rich colors of the season, the floral experts at Port Charlotte Florist have listed Pantone’s Fall Colors 2021 and blooms to match! Now you can enjoy this year’s fall color trends with gorgeous flowers that reflect this year’s most popular hues

Decorate Your Home with Seasonal Blooms in the Year’s Top Fall Colors

Green Hues

A bold green color, “leprechaun,” and a muted, soft green color “olive branch,” are the two geen tones Pantone chose this year to be trending. We can see these contrasting greens showing up in clothing, bags, scarves, and shoes. Follow the trend with seasonal flowers that bloom in similar shades of green such as hydrangea, mums, carnations, succulents, and various greenery.

Blue Hues

From dark, to darker, to really, really dark, deep shades of blue are on point for this season.  Pantone’s Mykonos Blue, Rhodonite, and Spring Lake will no doubt be a hit on fall’s fashion runways. Calm, serene, and gorgeous, we can’t wait! Enjoy shades of blue in blooming flowers such as blue delphinium, blue hydrangea, blue hyacinth, cornflowers, and forget-me-not.

Yellow Hues

Yellow is a staple color of fall – a wonderful spot of brightness to contrast with deeper shades of plums, burgundy, emerald, and sapphire. Pantone’s “illuminating yellow” is a bright, uplifting color that would be welcome every fall. Bring some joyful yellow flowers into your home this season with arrangements that have yellow roses, sunflowers, yellow mums, yellow daisies, yellow gladiolus, or yellow billy balls.

Pink Hues

Keep a bit of summer pink around or the fall in the shades of “fuchsia fedora” and “pale rosette.” These two pink tones from Pantone range from wildly bright and saturated to a more pale, muted blush. Both colors would add a beautiful pop of pink in a field of mostly dark tones. Find seasonal flowers that come in pink such as roses, alstroemeria, carnations, lilies, and gladiolus to enjoy in your home.

Red Hues

Red is a popular fall color every year, and 2021 is no exception. Pantone’s “fire whirl” made their list this year for trendy 2021 fall hues. Support this autumn favorite by filling your home with seasonal blooms in red hues like dahlias, roses, celosia, mums, and carnations.

White Hues

Pantone is incorporating white tones into autumn fashion with their “coconut cream” and “soybean” choices. A welcome respite for the eye amongst a sea of bold colors, enjoy fall blooms that come in white such as hydrangea,  roses, daisies, carnations, calla lilies, and white anemones.

Brown Hues

Pantone’s “adobe” and “root beer” shades of brown are soft, comforting, and welcome. Brown is a common color for autumn and though there are not too many flowers that bloom in this color, there are many natural brown accents that can be used. Look for touches of brown in benches, leaves, seed pods, and the center of sunflowers.

Bring the glory and beauty of fall into your home with fresh, seasonal blooms. Flowers not only provide a significant boost to your mood, but they also can transform your home from ordinary to extraordinary. Savor the colors of the season by finding your gorgeous fall bouquet now!