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Celebrate Mother’s Day This Year with Flowers

mother's dayIn the United States, Mother’s Day is a well established holiday when we give our mothers the recognition they deserve all year long. Whether you are celebrating your mom, your grandmother, a mother-in-law or even someone who has filled this crucial role in your life – on May 8th, your annual opportunity to thank her has arrived.

mother's dayThe origin of the holiday in the United States is credited to Anna Jarvis in 1914, but there were several people who laid the groundwork for the observance long before then. In the early 1860’s, Ann Reeves Jarvis (Anna’s mother) began organizing “Mother’s Day Work Clubs” in her community. The gatherings gave mothers a chance to bond and assisted them in raising their children. In the years during the Civil War and just after – when many women had lost their husband – the clubs gave women a chance to support each other in surviving through very trying and divided times. In 1868, Jarvis organized “Mother’s Friendship Day”. Mothers had meetings with both Union and Confederate soldiers to encourage reconciliation and bring a sense of healing and closure.

mother's dayIn 1870, Julia Ward Howe, a well-known abolitionist, and suffragist, penned a Mother’s Day Proclamation. The document called for mothers to come together to work for world peace. Around the same time frame, Julia Blakely arranged a local observance for Mother’s Day in Albion, MI; and in the early 20th century, Mary Sasseen and Frank Hering kept pushing for a nationwide observance, resulting in Hering gaining the ironic title “The Father of Mother’s Day.” But it was indeed Anna Jarvis whose efforts were finally successful in bringing her mother’s idea of Mother’s Day to national recognition.

mother's dayOver a century later, we are still telling Mom how much we love her each year with flowers, cards, and gifts. Port Charlotte Florist has everything you need, from floral bouquets to spa baskets and more – browse our website or stop in but don’t delay – Mother’s Day is one of the most popular gift days of the year!