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The Perfect Flowers to Commemorate International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day — which we observe annually on March 8 — invites all of us to acknowledge the influential women in our lives and around the world. Without them and the vital support from our communities, we wouldn’t be able to achieve our goals and break the barriers we have. It’s also an occasion to highlight critical female voices and issues that inform our perspectives. To show your support on IWD, send flowers to the people who have helped you pave your path smoothly in the colors of the occasion: green (hope), purple (dignity, justice, loyalty to the cause), and white (purity). At Port Charlotte Florist in Port Charlotte, Florida, we can help you spread love, thankfulness, and acknowledgment with an arrangement worthy of those who inspire you the most.


Roses hold a special place in floral culture for their beauty and the wide range of emotions and meanings they can convey. They appeal to many cultures and countries around the world, making them an ideal gift on International Women’s Day. The hues you select for the blooms, whether one or several, can help you tailor your sentiments via the language of color. Or you can select one or more of the shades of IWD for a one-size-fits-all flower arrangement. Either method will make your recipient feel appreciated on such an important day.


Tulips are excellent for those you admire on International Women’s Day because they symbolize thankfulness, renewal, and generosity. Their many varieties reflect the diverse qualities and accomplishments of women breaking barriers globally. Tulips are available in many colors, too, enabling you to convey various sentiments, from expressing admiration with red blossoms to symbolizing friendship with yellow ones. Their early springtime bloom also makes them seasonally fitting gifts for IWD, radiating a joyful spirit that promises brighter days are coming.

Gerbera Daisies

On International Women’s Day, consider gifting Gerbera daisies, a thoughtful choice in arrangements and bouquets. Their bold and cheerful energy can instantly brighten any room, bringing joy to the recipient. With a multitude of shades to choose from, you can express various emotions, from joy to admiration to respect. These enduring flowers serve as a lasting reminder of your considerate gesture. Gerbera daisies are also known for representing purity and innocence, making them an apt choice for an occasion as vital as IWD.


Peonies are heralds of prosperity, making them ideal additions to flower arrangements on International Women’s Day. They attract success and bend the odds to favor you, bringing favorable outcomes to those who receive them. Peonies are known for lasting long in a vase, extending the duration you can enjoy your bouquet. Their sturdy blossoms bring to mind the tenacious spirit of women and their enduring, positive influence on their communities. Peonies also express love, respect, and compassion, emotions we feel for the women and allies we honor on IWD.


Orchids are an elegant gift for celebrating those you admire on International Women’s Day. You can customize the sentiment with countless types and colors to match any personality or aesthetic. Whether it’s a spirited phalaenopsis or an elegant oncidium plant, their sleek, minimalist energy fits seamlessly into any setting. Or you can opt for an arrangement of orchids for those who prefer a full bouquet of cut flowers. Whichever option you select, you’ll show your recipient you value their sophistication and contributions on IWD.

Mimosa Flower

Because of their poignant symbolism — representing strength, sensitivity, and sensibility — mimosa flowers are the designated bloom on International Women’s Day. Also called silver wattle, mimosa flowers bring sunshine to any floral display; however, you can summon the same energy with other blossoms as well. For one, yellow chrysanthemums accompanied by accent blooms like gold aster, wax flower, goldenrod, and alstroemeria glow beautifully paired with spring greenery. As a bonus, they represent joy, friendship, and trust. You can also use yellow daisies as a statement flower to check the same boxes.

Taking part in the tradition of giving flowers on International Women’s Day is important to us at Port Charlotte Florist. It goes beyond the blooms; it’s a clear message of recognition and gratitude to the women and supporters who inspire us daily.

Flowers to Honor International Women's Day