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Posted by portcharlotteflorist on March 14, 2017 | Last Updated: July 26, 2021 Uncategorized

Birthday Bouquets with Gerbera Daisies

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When it comes to birthday bouquets, the brighter the better! After all, we want these arrangements to exhibit all of the festivity that our loved one’s birthdays inspire. The official birth flower of April is the daisy, but this year we suggest a vibrant alternative to the classic daisy – meet the brilliant Gerbera daisy!

Daisies come from one of the largest families in the plant world, with over 23,000 varieties. The well-known English daisy showcases the traditional gold and white color palette we remember from carefree childhood days – but it is the Gerbera variety that brings a little extra excitement to the birthday party. For the most colorful and fun birthday bouquets in south Florida, stop by Port Charlotte Florist.

roses, gerberas and hydrangea, in delicate hues of pink, yellow and green - all dressed up with ribbon and raffia.

Fashionista Blooms


Gerbera daisies are hardier than many of their cousins, with thick, sturdy stems that make them a natural choice for cut flower arrangements. They also last longer than many cut flowers, so the birthday celebration can go on as long as possible. In our arrangement, Fashionista Blooms, yellow roses, green hydrangea, and gerbera daisies in a lovely shade of pink are all dressed up with ribbon and raffia.

Gerberas exhibit vivid colors like deep crimson red and hot neon pink, fiery orange, and brilliant yellow – and as such, they make visually stunning arrangements. Also, unlike many of the varieties of daisy, gerberas do not close up at night so will provide a beautiful indoor ambiance.

Because of their colors, gerbera daisies easily stand alone in their own bouquet, but they also blend with virtually any other spring flower. Roses, hydrangea, tulips, snapdragons, orchids, or carnations – every type of flower benefits from the bright beauty of the gerbera. This April, whether sending a birthday bouquet or delivering a floral design “just because”, consider asking for this versatile flower, guaranteed to impress.

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