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Posted by portcharlotteflorist on July 20, 2019 | Last Updated: July 31, 2019 Uncategorized

5 Best Gifts For Student Success

It’s almost time for college students to head off to campus. This is an exciting time in their lives. For parents, though, it can often be an opportunity to show them that you will still take care of them even from far away. Send students a fun back-to-school care package the first week of class with gifts for their success. To do this, the design experts at Port Charlotte Florist have created a list of a few things students might want or need in the coming semester.


Thoughtful Gifts

Flower arrangement back to school themed

Special Delivery Students love to receive mail and packages at college. Send a surprise to let them know you’re thinking about them and encourage them in their first week of class. A beautiful floral bouquet, a fresh indoor plant or an exciting treat basket will go along way and motivating your student this semester.


A #1 Teacher deserves to start the year off right! Whether your student is studying education or just wants to start off on the right foot, this colorful back-to-school design will set the right tone for the year.


gift basket full of live plant



A Dish Garden In A Basket is an awesome way to infuse some color and nature into your student’s dorm room. This variety of indoor plants will provide air-purifying qualities while dressing up the dorm room a bit.




Large Gift Basket Full of Fruit

Make sure your student is eating healthy, at least once in a while. Our Large Fruit Basket comes with enough fresh fruit to keep him working hard all semester long.

Useful Things

Linens Even though they bought all those cute sheets to match their dorm room, they might still want a special pillow or homemade quilt to remind them of home. Send them something comforting and thoughtful. It will mean the world to them.

Bike Make getting to class more convenient and less of a hassle when students use a bike to cover the campus. Parking can be difficult and expensive. A bike will give them a little more exercise and help them get to class quickly.

Laundry Accessories Nobody likes to do laundry. But, if the job is convenient and easy, students are at least a little more likely to do it. Send cool laundry accessories like a drying rack, extra hangers, and reusable dryer balls to encourage them to do laundry once a while.

Gift Cards Students operate on a tight budget at college. Every once in awhile, alleviate their financial strain with gift cards to grocery stores, gas stations and even their favorite restaurant.

Above all else, make sure your student knows how much they are loved and missed while they are away at college. Send a thoughtful, practical gift to show them that you support them and are cheering them on. For more great gift ideas, talk to the design experts at Port Charlotte Florist. We will be happy to help you choose the best design for your student’s success this semester.