Patriotic Arrangements & Flowers

patriotic arrangements

There are few days more symbolic and special on our calendar than Memorial Day, celebrated this year on May 29. This day is so much more than just beach picnics and barbecues with friends – it is the perfect opportunity to show our thankfulness and esteem for the heroic men and women who paid the ultimate price to ensure our freedoms. Port Charlotte Florist -is both privileged and honored to assist in your selection of the Memorial Day flowers and patriotic arrangements that will convey your sentiments.

History Lesson: Memorial Day was originally named ‘Decoration Day’ ,  as it was a day set aside for loved ones to decorate the graves of the fallen from the Civil War. The name was changed after World War I as the day grew to include recognition for heroes of all wars. The day was made an official U.S. holiday in 1971. Unlike Veteran;s Day, which honors living veterans, Memorial Day is specifically for remembering those who have died.  Continue reading

Sunny Days & Sunny Floral Arrangements

Floral Arrangements

It’s springtime in south Florida! Here at Port Charlotte Florist, we are hard at work designing floral arrangements to showcase the spirit of the season and to celebrate carefree days and sunny skies. There are many flowers that can represent the spring, and we love using them all in our designs. Whether you are preparing to celebrate a special occasion with someone you love, or simply want to bring the beauty of the outdoors into your home, our Spring Collection is a bright place to begin!  Continue reading

View the Port Charlotte Mother’s Day Collection

Port Charlotte Mother's Day

It is almost May 14, and the professionals at Port Charlotte Florist have been busy designing a Mother’s Day collection of flowers, plants and gifts that your Mom is sure to love. With just a few days left, we wanted to spotlight a few of our Mother’s Day products featuring all different styles – trusting that one of them is sure to be the ideal expression for your very special mom.
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Mother’s Day Florals & Gifts

mother's day florals

Flowers are a classic and time-honored tradition on Mother’s Day. In fact, when you add up how many floral bouquets are purchased throughout the entire year, approximately 25% of them are sent for this very special occasion. And although pink roses and carnations are known to be the quintessential flowers of Mother’s Day, there is nothing that says you can’t be a bit more creative when choosing the best flowers for Mom.

The designers at Port Charlotte Florist have assembled a collection of gorgeous Mother’s Day florals that is sure to include the perfect gift for your very unique, very special mom. Are you looking for some inspiration? Here are just a few of our favorite designs for May 14.  Continue reading

Wearable Flowers – Corsages for Prom


Spring has arrived, and with it comes some truly special occasions. And since we know that flowers make any event more beautiful, the floral designers at Port Charlotte Florist have been working diligently to create custom corsages, boutonnieres, nosegays and more, Whether you need flowers for a spring formal, graduation ceremony, prom or Mother’s Day, here are a few tips and suggestions regarding the purchase of fresh wearable flowers.

* Corsages and boutonnieres were originally used to protect the wearer against evil spirits and diseases.
* The term corsage is a shortened version of bouquet de corsage, literally  “bouquet of the bodice”.  The word boutonniere means “little button”, designating a flower worn on the lapel of a tailored jacket.
* Corsages were originally positioned in the center of the bodice, and although they are sometimes worn on one shoulder, or fastened to the waist, the wrist corsage is the most popular variety of floral corsage.
* Lilies, roses, and orchids are most often used when designing formal flowers, but we are happy to work with you to create a custom piece with any of your favorite flowers.

Looking for Something Completely Different? Ask our experts to incorporate succulents into your wearable flowers. corsages We have the ability to design custom corsages and boutonnieres for every special event and occasion. After 30 years of providing beautiful wearable flowers for local prom-goers, we have a lot of expertise and ideas – and can suggest the best florals for your color palette. Here’s a Hint: Although many people look to perfectly match the flowers to the dress, we understand that complimentary shades and unconventional textures sometimes make for the most striking florals.

When you are looking for flowers to wear to spring dances, proms, and other seasonal events in Punta Gorda, North Port, or Englewood, make Port Charlotte Florist your first call.

Special Gifts for Nurses & Teachers

special gifts

There are many incredible individuals in the Port Charlotte community who do the most important jobs with few accolades. In addition to performing the requirements of their job description with finesse, they also invest their time into others, show compassion, inspire and influence us, and encourage us in challenging times. In May, we have two opportunities to officially honor them and to express our gratitude for all of their dedication and commitment. National Teachers Week is May 7-13 and National Nurses Week is celebrated May 6-12. Port Charlotte Florist has seen the impact that beautiful floral arrangement can have in making someone feel appreciated, and we look forward to helping you to let your favorite teachers and nurses know just how much what they do matters!

Coincidental Fact: According to a recent census, there are approximately 3.1 million teachers in the United States, while the number of nurses is also 3.1 million!  Continue reading

Succulents, Orchids & Indoor Plants

indoor plants

In Florida, we are all about unique and dramatic flora – we love to surround ourselves with the plants and flowers that transform the atmosphere from ordinary to extraordinary. At Port Charlotte Florist, we have orchids, succulents, green and flowering plants – sure to add style and grace to any space. But if you don’t have a green thumb, how will you care for them? No two plants have the exact same standard of care, but our professionals would love to share the basic instructions regarding how to cultivate some of our most popular products.

Don’t Forget! Plants of all kinds make wonderful gifts for Administrative Professionals Week! 

indoor plants

Succulents have varying levels of hardiness and resiliency. The optimum environment for these plants is a well-draining medium such as cactus soil, volcanic rock, gravel or sand. As you might expect, succulents are used to arid climates, so hate to have “wet feet” or roots. Therefore, when you are caring for a succulent garden, let the soil dry between waterings. When it comes to exposure, they love sunlight.

Hint: Succulents tend to “hibernate” in cool weather. If your plants appear a bit listless, simply place in sunlight.

indoor plants

Phalaenopsis orchids are elegant, butterfly-shaped flowering plants that are coveted for their exquisite beauty. To keep your orchid thriving, place the pot on a windowsill with medium to bright light, and water it when the soil starts to dry out, generally every 7-10 days. The phalaenopsis orchid is much more resilient than you may think, but if spotting appears on the leaves or flowers, it may be ill. The first problem to check for is wet roots, which can kill the orchid.

indoor plants

The spathiphyllum, more commonly know as the peace lily, is a popular houseplant known for lush green leaves and unique white flowers. The peace lily requires some minimal maintenance and will bloom throughout the year. Keep the soil slightly damp, but take care to not overwater – and keep in moderate, indirect light. If your peace lily plant is not flowering enough, move it to a slightly less bright location until you see the plant begin to bloom more extensively.

With just a small amount of effort and care, your home or office can be a beautiful natural sanctuary. Once you have selected your favorite plants, feel free to ask our experts any questions you may have about green plant care. This spring, make Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda, North Port & Englewood even more beautiful, with orchids, succulents, and flowering plants from Port Charlotte Florist. 

Gifts & Florals for Administrative Professionals Week

Administrative professionals week

Sometimes the people with the big titles and big offices get all the attention – but we all know that it is often the unsung heroes of the company that really make the business run from day to day. From the receptionist who greets the clients, to the assistant who handles all of the appointments and schedules, the company simply could not be successful without them! Administrative Professionals Week was established in the 1950’s as National Secretaries Day, and although things have changed over the years, one thing will never change – good people should always be recognized and rewarded!

Port Charlotte Florist has assembled a beautiful collection of floral gifts specifically chosen for Administrative Professionals Week. We have something for every style and every office.

Administrative Professionals Week

Desktops designs perfect for a workspace will convey your gratitude in a bright and cheerful way – birds of paradise, carnations, daisies and roses will make them feel like a VIP! We also have gorgeous blooming baskets, candy selections, and healthy green plants.  Imagine their surprise when these beauties are delivered to their desk!

For the stylish reception area – and the superstar who works behind the desk – how about this beautiful orchid plant, paired with a tropical bromeliad? It has been proven that when employees are recognized for their contributions, they are more productive, more content, and happier to be at work. We are quite certain that this exquisite arrangement is the perfect way to express your appreciation.

Administrative Professionals Week

For your administrative pros who stand out and take initiative, we love this unique orchid and mum floral design. Spectacular and sure to garner some attention, the flowers are arranged in a desktop cube that will be right at home in your office.

Administrative Professionals Week Administrative Professionals Week is a great opportunity for all area businesses to recognize the employees that are the backbone of the organization. And from North Port to Punta Gorda, Port Charlotte Florist is the best call to make for their floral designs and gifts. Like you, we are dedicated to delivering the finest product with exceptional customer service. Call us today!

Birthday Bouquets with Gerbera Daisies

birthday bouquets

When it comes to birthday bouquets, the brighter the better! After all, we want these arrangements to exhibit all of the festivity that our loved one’s birthdays inspire. The official birth flower of April is the daisy, but this year we suggest a vibrant alternative to the classic daisy – meet the brilliant Gerbera daisy!

Daisies come from one of the largest families in the plant word, with over 23,000 varieties. The well-known English daisy showcases the traditional gold and white color palette we remember from carefree childhood days – but it is the Gerbera variety that brings a little extra excitement to the birthday party. For the most colorful and fun birthday bouquets in south Florida, stop by Port Charlotte Florist.

cheerful daisies

Gerbera daisies are hardier than many of their cousins, with thick, sturdy stems that make them a natural choice for cut flower arrangements. They also last longer than many cut flowers, so the birthday celebration can go on as long as possible.

Gerberas exhibit vivid colors like deep crimson red and hot neon pink, fiery orange and brilliant yellow – and as such, they make visually stunning arrangements. Also, unlike many of the varieties of daisy, gerbera do not close up at night so will provide beautiful indoor ambiance.

birthday bouquetsBecause of their colors, gerbera daisies easily stand alone in their own bouquet, but they also blend with virtually any other spring flower. Roses, hydrangea, tulips, snapdragons, orchids, or carnations – every type of flower benefits from the bright beauty of the gerbera. This April, whether sending a birthday bouquet or delivering a floral design “just because”, consider asking for this versatile flower, guaranteed to impress.

Port Charlotte Florist is proud to provide the freshest flowers across the area, from Englewood to Punta Gorda.